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HSE Coordinator

Tulsa, OK
HSE Coordinator

Manufacturing business (multiple buildings) plant level leadership of environmental, health, safety and security management systems/programs and support of all levels of management.
  • Establishes standard process of investigation and recording accident / environmental incident experience.
    • Develop, maintain, and enforce formal environmental compliance plans. 
    • Schedule and supervise waste disposal activities.
    • Develop formal safety and occupational health compliance plans, procedures and documentation.
  • Oversee third party contractors and consultants as they relate to environmental and safety activities.
  • Leads plant safety committees, safety programs, and conducts training to promote safety consciousness
    • Assists with various environmental, safety, health, and security audits (internal and external).
    • Sets goals to help in attaining performance standards based on analysis.
    • Inspects facilities and methods periodically, coordinating with various inspectors and consulting with
    • Supervisors to recommend preventative or corrective measures relating to all HSE items. 
  • Three to four years closely related experience in similar industry;  
    • Familiar with:
      • Large Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator Site Reporting
      • Paint booth emissions -  Air Quality Reporting
      • Storm Water and Safety & Environmental training requirements
      • Incident investigations and root cause analysis
      • Environmental and Safety Regulations.
      •  Working knowledge of wastewater discharge (POTW) procedure
    • Ability to understand and interpret plant facilities drawings.
Glen Hall
Coltec Consulting
Managing Director
Email: ghall@coltecconsulting.com
Phone: (w) 918-899-9446  (c) 734-751-0791

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