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IT Manager - Information Technology Manager

Tulsa, OK

IT Manager

Information Technology Manager
Tulsa, OK

  1. Oversee the daily operations of the Bank’s IT departments and the IT functions
  • Review reports from Banking Systems
  • Serve as point of contact for the bank when there are technical problems
  • Ensure all software patches and updates are performed
  • Participate on the IT Committee
  • Serve as the liaison between third party vendors relating to IT and technical functions
   2.   Strategic Planning & Audit:
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the IT systems and make recommendation for upgrades as needed
  • Review banks IT internal controls and monitor current developments and risks to ensure the bank is protected and has implemented appropriate security measures
  • Supervise an external audit annually and track any findings until resolved
  1.    Compliance & Risk Management
  • Oversee the bank secrecy reviews and reports
  • Oversee compliance and risk management policies and practices
  • Ensure that the bank complies with all regulatory requirements, audits, policy updates and reviews mandated by the Federal Reserve, FDIC and the Oklahoma Banking Department
  • Provide periodic reports to the Board of Directors including audit results, policy updates, etc.
  • Serve as participant with bank examinations, regulatory agencies, and audits
  • Evaluate, monitor and report monthly on internal IT Risk Assessment
   4.   Employee will be required to provide reports to both senior management and the Board of Directors.  Also, may be required to perform additional duties as assigned by senior management and/or the Board of Directors.
Bachelor Degree in accounting, IT, finance, business administration or related field.  With extensive IT and systems knowledge.  Previous financial institution experience is desirable.

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