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Sr. Administrative Manager – Women’s Justice Programs

Tulsa, OK




POSITION:           Sr. Administrative Manager – Women’s Justice Programs REPORTS TO:  Chief Program Officer – Women’s Justice Programs

JOB SUMMARY: CCBHC is an integrated community behavioral health model of care intended to provide integrated, evidence-based, trauma-informed, recovery-oriented and person-and-family-centered care. The CCBHC offers the full array of CCBHC-required mental health, substance use disorder (SUD), co- occurring and primary health care screening services.

Position will oversee the administrative functions supporting all Women’s Justice Programs including Women In Recovery, Women’s Justice Team, Parenting & Pregnancy Services, and Court & Jail Services. The position will be accountable for and provide leadership of financial budgeting and reporting, technology, data analysis & management, contract & grant management & compliance, complex billing compliance & maximization, front desk & other administrative operations.

The position will be a vital member of the WJP leadership team, working closely with the CPO, Associate Chief, Program Directors, and other leaders to define strategy, collaborate on excellence in execution, measure performance outcomes, continuously improve processes, and ensure the sustainability and growth of the Women’s Justice Programs and service to the women and families being served.
To be successful in this position, the candidate will be required to have a comprehensive and unique skillset combination including depth of experience in non-profit operation and administration, passion for the WJP mission, demonstrated competency in complex financial and data management systems & compliance, exceptional judgement and drive for systemic change, and masterful leadership & development skills.


  • Attend and participate in daily organizational meetings and treatment team meetings with multi- disciplinary team to utilize a team-based care approach when working with clients.
  • Ensure client progress is being documented to maintain a permanent record of client activity according to established methods and procedures.
  • Demonstrate understanding of various best-practice treatment models to work with individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders (SUD), co-occurring disorders, and trauma.
  • Understand the wrap-around focus of CCBHC services, assisting clients in multiple life areas through multi-disciplinary teamwork and community referral.
  • Obtain and maintain professional certifications required for the position through attending required trainings, tracking CEU’s, and submitting renewals in a timely manner.
  • Be familiar with CCBHC standards, understand the history, philosophy, structure and purpose of CCBHC and demonstrate fidelity to the model.
  • Effectively complete and submit all clinical and financial documentation within established agency timelines.
  • Understanding of care coordination, case management, and rehabilitation services using a strengths-based, welcoming, recovery-oriented, client-driven approach for a specified group of clients.
  • Understanding of care across the spectrum of health services, including access to high-quality physical (both acute and chronic) and behavioral health care.
  • Acknowledge the importance of the consumer and family members in comprehensive treatment planning. With the adult consumer’s consent, encourage participation of family members and other designated persons in treatment planning and care.
  • Participate in daily/weekly treatment teams if applicable.
  • Coordinate administrative functions with external health care providers such as pharmacies, PCPs, FQHCs, and DCOs, as well as with behavioral health referrals.
  • Understanding of clinical staff’s role in WRAP plans, strengths and culture discoveries, and assessments as needed. Update and modify WRAP and treatment plans as needed, or on a scheduled basis.
  • Promote access on demand to intervene when a client is at risk for harm to self or other, hospitalization, or involvement with law enforcement. Respond to crises and provide intervention.
  • Track consumers’ admissions and discharges from psychiatric, substance treatment, and medical hospitalizations.
  • Participate in hospital and emergency department discharge processes to transition consumers to a safe community setting according to CCBHC protocols. Ensure timely transfer of medical records, prescriptions, and active follow-up.
  • For consumers at risk for suicide, work with clinical team to coordinate consent and follow-up within 24 hours and implement a continuing plan for suicide prevention and safety and linking to services.
  • Ensure the monitoring of individual health status and service use to determine adherence to or variance from treatment guidelines.
  • Ensure documentation of client progress to maintain a permanent record of client activity according to established methods and procedures.
  • Actively participate in performance and client outcome management as needed.
  • Accompany individuals to medical appointments if needed. Link to non-medical enabling functions and provide assistance with community resources such as housing, social services, education, and employment to facilitate wellness and recovery of the whole person.
  • Must be able to demonstrate competencies and adhere to the values and core principles of CCBHCs. At a minimum they include: Coordination & Collaboration; Accessible & Available; Evidence Based; Person-Centered Care; Family-Driven Care; Recovery Oriented; Trauma Informed; and Data Driven.
  • All CCBHC required training courses must be completed within in 30 days of hire.
  • CCBHC clinical staff will utilize telehealth options when needed to improve a client’s health by permitting two-way, real time interactive communication between the client and the practitioner at the distant site. This electronic communication means the use of interactive telecommunications equipment that includes, at a minimum, audio and video equipment.


  1. Leadership of administrative strategies, processes, and technology within the WJP operations:
    • Define relevant policies and efficient processes that effectively serve the organization and supports achievement of WJP goals.
    • Harness technology to optimize workflow, eliminate redundancy, and improve performance / ability for programs to meet their objectives
    • Define appropriate metrics to evaluate effectiveness and performance of processes and relevant program data
    • Ensure impactful reporting and communication to utilize process and program data to continuously improve applications, processes, policies, and outcomes.
  2. Recruit, onboard, develop, and retain talented and dedicated team of administrative professionals
    • Oversight and supervision of staff including Technology, Data & Reporting Manager and Analyst(s); Administrative Supervisor/Volunteer Coordinator; Program Front Desk/Receptionist(s); Billing/Finance Associate; as well as contract grant support resources and any other administrative functions/providers as needed for the Women’s Justice Programs.
    • Ensure alignment of talent and adequate human capital/capacity to effectively grow and manage the administration of the organization to achieve financial and operating strength.
    • Create environment of collaboration and accountability, reducing silos and barriers to coordination across departments and functions.
  1. Ensure operations to include financial protocols and practices are in place for the handling, securing, monitoring, reporting and retaining all contracts, grants, agreements, and other compliance documents, as well as hardware, software, and any other inventory related to WJP programs.
    • Drives data integrity, management & reporting
    • Technology solutions for virtual and hybrid program operations (including iPads, software, applications, etc)
    • Other Inventory includes management and distribution of client assistant needs.
  2. Directly responsible for:
    • Exploring state and federal funding opportunities
    • Ensuring effective grant application processes (and management of external, contract support if needed)
    • Serve as liaison to agency in-house counsel regarding contract management issues, etc.
    • Facility management, including safety/security protocols, supplies/purchasing
    • Vehicle maintenance, insurance & compliance, etc.
    • Financial Management oversight – approving invoices, managing company credit cards/reconciliation, and managing petty cash; work closely with Medicaid, SNAP & program personnel to ensure proper billing procedures, optimization, and compliance; etc
  3. Work closely with WJP Chief Program Officer and leadership team in strategic planning and annual work plan development, including budget development and monitoring outcomes of administration and program operations. Active communication with agency financial team to ensure agency regulations, billing and reporting are in sync.


Must be able to demonstrate competencies and adhere to the values and core principles of CCBHCs. At a minimum they include:
  • Coordination & Collaboration
  • Accessible & Available
  • Evidenced Based
  • Person-Centered Care
  • Family-Driven Care
  • Recovery Oriented
  • Trauma Informed
  • Data Driven
  • Co-Occurring Capable
  • Culturally Competent

All CCBHC required training courses must be completed within in 30 days of hire.


  • Demonstrates sensitivity to cultural and ethnic differences in all interactions.
  • Adheres to agency policies and procedures and supports WJP mission and values.
  • Highly diligent, accurate and timely in all documentation, reporting, and communication.
  • Is results-driven and meets established performance/productivity standards as determined by WJP and agency leadership.
  • Practices accountability, confidentiality and strong ethical standards.
  • Demonstrates integrity as evidenced by honesty, trustworthiness, respect for self and others, sincerity, and valuing diversity.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively with other personnel and/or service providers or professionals.
  • Fully understands and utilizes agency technology, proactively anticipates program needs, and facilitates continuous improvements and solutions.
  • Exhibits responsibility through good attendance, effective time management, dependability, self- discipline, flexibility, and working independently.
  • Promotes team building through encouragement, support, communication, collaboration, and creating synergistic results.
  • Utilizes supervision appropriately and willingly participates in training, demonstrating a desire for learning and professional development; stays current on best practices, industry trends, etc.
  • Partners with and openly communicates and collaborates with department associates, program managers, and other staff associates
  • Demonstrates excellent customer service both internal and external
  • Openly supports and leads departmental and organizational changes.




  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Finance, or relevant field is required.
  • Master’s Degree preferred.


  • Minimum of 5 years senior leadership experience in operations and/or administrative management required. Leadership experience in a social impact nonprofit or behavioral health organization preferred.
  • Proven experience in successful P&L management as well as grant and contract management. Medicaid, CCBHC, or other government contract management experience preferred.
  • Experienced in successful project management, effectively managing resources, timelines, budgets, and outcomes.
  • Proven people and workplace culture development experience, modeling the values of the organization, inspiring and elevating strengths, facilitating growth, and ensuring accountability.

Knowledge and Demonstrated Performance

  • Exceptional capacity for leadership as a consummate collaborator, motivator and team builder
  • Gifted communicator - possess excellent communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with ability to think strategically, anticipating future consequences and trends to proactively communicate and propose options/solutions for incorporation in organizational plans.
  • Acumen in business, compensation, finance, data, technology, operations and organizational development
  • Must understand the behavioral health industry and future value-based financing.
  • Working knowledge of medical claims processing and coding, managed care, Medicaid and commercial insurance.
  • Advanced use of excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft suite.
  • Champion of change, an innovator who can adapt rapidly to changing business environment and/or needs, align resources and activities with defined accountability.
  • Strong organizational skills and project management skills who can manage multiple competing projects and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to effectively build organization, staff capacity, and the processes that bring forth success
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record, per FCS policy.

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