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Director of Accounting

Tulsa, OK

Director of Accounting

Tulsa, OK

Job Summary

Manage the Accounting Department to perform the accounting, financial reporting, and treasury functions of the organization, including subsidiary entities. As long as the management agreement with Tulsa Children’s Coalition (TCC) remains in place, the Director will also manage the accounting, financial reporting and treasury functions of TCC.

Responsibilities include review and approval of accounting entries, general ledger reconciliations, monthly and annual closings, budgeting and forecasting, cash management and investments, internal control compliance, internal and external financial reporting, revenue management, payroll oversight and staffing. Ensures compliance with applicable CAP Tulsa [and TCC] policies and procedures, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and all applicable fiscal rules and regulations, including Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance and Office of Head Start Performance Standards. The Director is responsible for producing and filing all applicable budgets and compliance reports to grantors. He or she is also responsible for production and presentation of internal financial reports to the governing bodies and the production and filing of external financial statements, compliance reports and tax returns prior to their due dates. Applies professional/managerial principles and judgment, within overall direction established by senior management. Solves complex technical or strategic problems; applies technology or business approaches in new ways; develops and recommends new alternatives. Frequent interaction to provide detailed procedural explanations or technical responses and/or occasional contact to negotiate basic agreements. Establishes functional policies and makes decisions, within overall strategic direction, with leadership guidance. Regular interaction to communicate or negotiate important agreements, requiring considerable tact, sense of timing and the ability to engender trust, plus sensitivity to diverse audiences.

Responsibilities/Essential Functions
• Contribute to a collegial and partnership culture with regard to accounting and finance activities across CAP Tulsa. This will include enhanced responsiveness by and communication between CAP Tulsa's finance and program divisions across all operations levels.
• Oversee all accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems, ensuring compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and regulatory requirements, including Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance, Office of Head Start Performance Standards, IRS regulations and other applicable rules and regulation.
• Lead the development and monitoring of the three-year rolling budget, the annual budget and financial plan, including developing annual operating plan and performance indicators, in collaboration with the CFO, Executive Director, CPO, and senior staff.
• Remain up to date on nonprofit fiscal best practices and applicable state and federal law regarding nonprofit operations. Remain up to date on OMB Uniform Guidance, OHS Performance standards and all other rules and regulations applicable to the fiscal operations of the organization (including TCC).
• Maintain and enhance an accurate and timely financial reporting system for CAP Tulsa and its subsidiary organization, plus TCC. Establish the accounting closing schedule to meet the business management needs and the needs of the governing bodies including the Finance Committee, the CAP Tulsa and TCC Boards of Directors and the Policy Council.
• Lead preparation for the annual independent financial statement audits for all entities (including CAP Tulsa and TCC and the benefit plan audits) and the CAP Tulsa A-133 Audit. Lead preparation and timely filing for all income tax and franchise tax returns for all entities. Lead preparation and timely filing for all OHS compliance reports, including SF-424, SF-425, SF-428 and SF-429 reports as applicable for each OHS or other federal grant.
• Establish and maintain a system of internal controls to protect CAP Tulsa, subsidiary organizations, and TCC assets, ensure the timeliness and accuracy of financial reports, adapt to operational requirements, and meet the internal control objectives of government compliance and processes.
• Oversee management of the accounts payable/ receivable, cash management, investment, payroll and general accounting functions for CAP Tulsa, subsidiary organizations and TCC.
• Maintain and enhance an accurate and timely revenue processing system for CAP Tulsa and its related organizations, including timely and accurate draw and reimbursement requests from grantors.
• Establish and maintain working relationships with all Program Directors and agency leaders, with grant execution responsibility. Develop reporting process in connection with these Program Directors to result in timely analysis and documentation of grant status on an interim and final reporting basis. This includes analysis of actual grant to date expenditures compared to budget so that, when necessary, budget revisions can be timely filed.
• Perform other duties as assigned or requested.

Required Education/Experience

The Director, Finance & Accounting will be a seasoned and mature leader with at least 5 years of broad finance experience, ideally beginning in audit, followed by experience gathering and evaluating financial information and making actionable recommendations to senior leadership. She or he will ideally have experience managing finance (accounting, budgeting, control, treasury, and reporting) for a complex nonprofit with multiple funding sources including government (federal and state) contracts and a multi-entity structure with diverse program areas.

• Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or related field from an accredited college/university
• MBA or related Master's Degree preferred
• Minimum of 5 years' experience as a financial manager with demonstrated leadership in operating plan, process compilation, reporting, and analysis; internal and external financial reporting, and internal control and compliance knowledge.
• Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification required.

• Must have proven successful interpersonal relationship skills to maintain effective and satisfactory working relationships with intra-department and inter-department staff, vendors, clients, visitors, and contractors.
• Ability to follow oral and written instructions with ability to read, interpret, and present information efficiently and effectively.
• Must be able to accurately audit records and ensure compliance with written or oral guidelines.
• Ability to take initiative, multi-task and work well under pressure, including time deadlines.
• Must maintain strict confidentiality of extremely sensitive data, records, files, conversations, etc. Intermediate Advanced MS Office skills, advanced database software skills, working knowledge of accounting and budgeting practices.
• Advanced organizational skills, efficiency skills and excellent attention to detail with a demonstrated commitment to completing assignments on a timely basis.
• In depth knowledge of applicable 0MB Uniform Guidance and applicable OHS Performance Standards, rules and regulations, tax compliance and other applicable rules and regulations is preferred at hiring or must be developed withing an agreed upon timeframe after hiring. Understanding of GAAP and A-133 rules and reporting, including impact on financial statements to which budget and forecast are compared.
• Experience with process analysis and documentation.
• Solid analytical abilities with attention to detail.
• Proactive, empirical, data driven decision making.
• Ability to rapidly acquire and apply technical skills.

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