Location: Tulsa, OK
Date Posted: 01-08-2018
Hogan Taylor Advisory Services and Seres Smith Consulting is working with Metro Christian Academy in identifying qualified candidates for the Headmaster position:

POSITION:  Headmaster
FUNCTION:  Serve as the Chief Spiritual/Executive/Academic Officer of Metro Christian Academy.  Implements policies established and approved by the Board of Trustees, assists in achieving program objectives.  He/she oversees operation of the school system through overall planning, direction, control and evaluation of school programs, administrative staff, and activities.
REPORTS TO:  The Board of Trustees
RESPONSIBILITIES: Multifaceted focus to all stakeholders within a religious academic organization. Summaries of the following skills required in the position are as follows:
  1. To the Board of Trustees
    • Implements policies, rules, regulations, goal achievement activities, and directions adopted by the Board of Trustees and makes recommendations for others considered necessary for an effective educational operation
    • Recommends policies, procedures, plans and programs for the attainment of current operating objectives and provides leadership in the solution of major problems
    • Acts as the professional advisor to the Board of Trustees
    • Analyzes the needs of the school system, sets priorities, and communicates these to the Board
    • Consults and advises committees appointed by the Board of Trustees
  1. To the Community/PR
    • Establishes and maintains communication and cooperation between the school and business community for the purpose of developing a supportive relationship for the benefit of students and programs
    • Participates in those community activities which have the greatest relevance to private Christian education
    • Works harmoniously with leaders in the community, churches, and educational institutions
    • Communicates effectively through the media by projecting facts about the school thoroughly, accurately and articulately
    • Develops and carries out favorable external relations with other state, regional and national agencies and projects the school in a positive manner
  1. To the Professional and Classified Personnel
    • Develops effective methods for the management of human resources which necessitates effective selection procedures
    • Provides for the development and implementation of a process for making assignments or reassignments which result in the most effective utilization of personnel
    • Provides for a systematic and continuing orientation process for staff members
    • Provides for the professional development of staff
    • Provides for clarity of communications within the organization
  1. To Curriculum/Program Development
    • Provides for the identification of curriculum/program needs
    • Provides for the implementation of the curriculum/program
    • Provides for the evaluation of the curriculum/program
    • Establishes and furnishes necessary information to the State Board of Education for accrediting purposes
    • Monitors extra-curricular, athletic, spiritual enrichment, and academic programs of the school
    • Supervises and evaluates administrative staff
    • Works with the administrative staff in evaluating teachers and recommending for employment
    • Serves as advisor to Scholarship Assistance Committee and monitors awards
  1. For Business Management
    • Oversees the development of the yearly budget to the Board
    • Operates the school system within the financial budget as approved by the Board of Trustees
  1. For Physical Facilities
    • Provides for the optimum use of physical facilities
    • Provides for the physical plant analysis which projects future needs
  1. Managerial Skills
    • Assists with fund raising strategies and monitors all fund raising efforts
    • Makes timely and appropriate decisions
    • Possesses organizational skills that result in effective management
    • Achieves results
    • Initiates action to difficult problems through decisive and resourceful use of factual information
    • Demonstrates competency in human relations and concern for people
    • Facilitates communication at all levels relating to the school
    • Establishes a working relationship with Parent/Teacher Fellowship
QUALIFICATIONS:    Candidates should have a vibrant Christian faith, strong leadership skills, an understanding of classical education, and impeccable character. This person must have a passion for education accompanied by a strong desire to build a Christian community of learning.  Master’s degree is required with preference of a Doctoral degree.  Qualified candidates must have at least 15 years experience with at least 5 in administration and a preference of at least 3 years in a private school setting.  Alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

BENEFITS:  As arranged by the Board of Trustees

Qualified candidates may submit his/her resume to Theresa Smith at tsmith@seressmith.com

If you have any questions, you may reach Theresa at 918-260-7750

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