CEO - Chief Executive Officer - Non Profit

Location: Tulsa, OK
Date Posted: 08-25-2018

Community Service Council of Tulsa (CSC) mission is to confront challenges to health, social and economic opportunities, and strategically advance effective community-based solutions. We do this through research, planning, networking, and mobilizing resources. CSC is a nonprofit established in 1941 with a current annual operating budget of $10M and employs a staff of 90+ people. Programs are broken into six divisions – Data & Information, Education, Health & Mental Health, Housing & Homelessness, Incarceration Reduction and Veterans. CSC serves as convener, communicator, connector, creator and capacity builder for the Tulsa region with state-wide impact.  CSC serves as a source of spawning and incubation for start-up organizations or programs to address emerging community needs. 

  • Reports to:           Board of Directors composed of community leaders from all sectors of business
and government.
  • Supervises:           Chief Financial Officer, Chief of External Affairs, Chief Program Officer, and the
Director of Human Resources.
  • Job Summary:    Leader of the organization, establishing a vision for Community Impact that is
achieved through the efforts of a diverse team of high-performing leaders, staff and volunteers. CEO leverages the power of relationships, networks and works across private, public, and corporate sectors to improve conditions in the community. CEO possesses a high level of broad business and management skills and is effective in generating resources and financial support. CEO is dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good – creating, resourcing, scaling and leveraging strategies for broad investment and impact. Act as a brand steward for CSC in growing and protecting the reputation of the organization.
The major responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:
  1.  Planning/Strategy Development – Develop, recommend and implement strategic and short-term plans and initiatives.
  • Lead Board and staff in community needs assessment and strategic planning.
  • Develops strategies to ensure organizational goals are achieved.
  • Coordinates and aligns activities to strategic direction in the areas of community impact, resource development and staff alignment.
  1.  Needs Assessment – Lead and participate in the research and assessment of community needs and challenges and the planning and design of programs and services to meet those needs.
  • Forge relationships and “collective impact dynamics” with other community organizations and resources to work cooperatively in needs assessment and associated resource development and oversight.
  1.  Organizational Development – Accountable for building and leading high-performing teams, ensuring all teams are aligned and collaborating to achieve organizational results. Maintains accountability for the operational and fiscal integrity of the organization. CEO assesses organizational capacity to implement strategies and identify gaps in systems and staffing. Directly supervises senior leadership positions and establishes individual goals; works with CFO to manage organizational spending, monitor budget compliance and mitigate financial risks; and ensures inclusiveness and diversity among staff and volunteers.
  • Initiate actions aimed at building the organization and developing the skills and talents of employees at all levels.
  • Implement team building with staff to align work around goals, build effective working relationships, reduce team members’ role ambiguity, find solutions to team problems, and create a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
  1.  Board Relations – Provide support, direction and assistance to the Board of Directors and serve in an advisory capacity at Board and committee meetings.
  • Provide updates and proactively communicate opportunities, challenges or needs/issues with board. Manage board meeting preparations and attend board meetings.  
  • Provide orientation and training to new Board members and serve as a source of counsel to the Board on an ongoing basis.
  1.  Fundraising/Development – Plan, lead and participate actively in fundraising activities, initiatives and efforts to meet community and organizational needs.
  • Identify and cultivate funding sources in partnership with key leadership internally and the board of directors. Grow funding streams to include foundations and collaborative grants.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations highlighting the work and impact of the agency and its services and partnerships in the community.
  1.  Community Relations – Provide leadership in shaping and communicating the vision, objectives and work of CSC to the community and serve as its primary spokesperson.
  • Build and maintain relationships with area industry leaders, civic organizations, government agencies, strategic partners and foundations
  • Build consensus with stakeholders around approaches to collective impact on key community issues.
  • Serve as a knowledgeable, compassionate witness and relentless advocate for those in need while working with employees, volunteers, service providers and the community at large.
  • Intentionally engages and supports minority communities, LEP (Limited English Proficient) people, underserved and disadvantage populations.
  • Proactively identify and engage strategic partners missing from community conversations, meetings and work. Build an authentic, open and inclusive leadership model.   
  1.  Financial Management – Manage financial planning, budgeting and reporting for CSC, direct the preparation and administration of the annual budget, and oversee the allocation and management of funds including grant management for foundations and federal government.
  • Provide the Board with continuing review of financial performance in relation to plan, budget and grant administration/reporting.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Social Science, Public Affairs or a related discipline
  • Prefer graduate level study or degree in Business, Public administration, or Organizational Development
  • 12 years of related experience leading up to and including organizational leadership, preferably to include significant experience in the non-profit sector
  • Demonstrated track record as an innovative leader
  • Ability to grow and build the confidence and respect of staff, board, stakeholders and community leaders.
  • Previous experience in leading staff members through subordinate managers
  • Previous experience managing financials and federal grant administration – preferred
  • Related experience in the development and shaping of strategic plans
  • Related experience in raising funds and growing revenues
  • Experience working with or reporting to a Board of Directors – highly desirable
  • Prefer related experience as the Executive Director or CEO of a community service organization
  • Related leadership experience in a public service organization in Tulsa – highly desirable
  • Leader – Able to teach, mentor and lead – rather than simply direct
  • Visionary and Dreamer – Constantly thinking about “the future”, looking for needs and opportunities that may arise, and able to plan strategically.
  • Inquiring Mind – Deep thinker who seeks understanding and insight, not just information.
  • Management Capabilities – Proven skill and record of success as a leader – and the demonstrated capacity to be a “servant leader” in attitude and approach.
  • Passionate – About helping people, investing in them as individuals and as a collaborative team, and about learning and growing.
  • Collaborator – Understanding of how to employ the nature and power of collaboration – i.e. applying the “collective impact” dynamic.
  • Unafraid/Risk Taker – Able to embrace and tackle the most difficult challenges, even when struggling – tough minded and determined.
  • Business Acumen – Able to interpret and work with financial statements – and experienced and skilled in managing operational costs.
  • Consensus Builder – Effective spokesperson and consensus builder regarding the organization and its mission, needs and its initiatives.
  • Charisma – Charismatic leadership qualities with the ability to inspire confidence, lead others, and capture the attention and interest of diverse groups.
  • Communications Skill – Able public speaker with skill in preparing and delivering presentations to audiences, large and small, as well as in communicating clearly and concisely in one-on-one situations.
  • Emotionally Strong – Ability to press on beyond the almost daily disappointments of the work facing the organization.
  • Self-Confident – Strong sense of self while willing to listen to others, consider the value of their ideas and, then to determine directions and actions.
  • Humble – No ego trip – can take reasonable criticism.
  • Computer Proficiency – Proficient in the use of personal computers for word processing and presentation applications.
The starting compensation will include competitive base salary and employee benefits and the opportunity for incentive compensation.
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