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Director of Administration

Tulsa, OK
Director of Administration
Tulsa, OK

The Director of Administration is responsible for firm financial management and business planning and analysis, non-lawyer personnel and firm-wide benefits, systems management, and facilities functions.  The Director of Administration will employ staff as necessary to ensure the adequate execution of these responsibilities and establish the duties and authorities of such subordinates. The purpose of this position is to relieve partners and other lawyers of as much administrative detail as possible, so as to increase the hours which lawyers can devote to client affairs, and to strengthen the firm’s administrative team. Routine daily functions shall be delegated to subordinates as appropriate.

Reports and is responsible to the Managing Partner.

Specific Responsibilities

Exercises full authority for internal financial management, human resources management, systems management and administrative management.  

Supervises the purchase of necessary supplies and equipment, within the limits prescribed by the firm’s operating and capital budget.  

Gathers information required for the development of long-range strategic planning, technology, or marketing plans, analyzes such information, and makes recommendations to appropriate committees. 

Signs all office expense checks, including payroll and bonus checks.

Has full access to all firm books and records.  Creates and safeguards confidential employee files.

 Supervision: Supervises and establishes policies and procedures to facilitate the efficient operation of all automated and manual administrative systems, including handling new matters, filing, docketing, work retrieval, workflow, word processing, docket, conflict of interest controls, timekeeping, billing, bookkeeping, computer systems operation, and related matters. Supervises personnel responsible for the reception area, file room, reproduction facilities, facsimile and mail, library, delivery, and other administrative support functions.  Analyzes, recommends, and implements changes in office procedure systems as necessary.

Insurance: Administers all insurance programs sponsored and maintained by the firm, including professional and comprehensive liability insurance. Maintains all employee insurance information. Investigates alternative insurance at periodic intervals. Engages the services of insurance and benefits experts when necessary.

Financial Systems: Ensures the operation of all automated systems and forms for handling timekeeping, billing, bookkeeping and related matters. In conjunction with the IT Consultant analyzes the firm’s hardware and software system, makes recommendations for improvements in such systems, and assists in the implementation of any improvements adopted by the firm.

Financial Reports: Ensures the efficient production of all financial reports, examines such reports and makes observations and conclusions to the Managing Partner. Reports shall include analysis of billed and unbilled time and disbursements, accounts receivable and payable, cash flow, balance sheets, profit and loss sheets, and all other reports as deemed necessary by the firm. Makes recommendations to the Managing Partner and appropriate committees.

 Produces, analyzes and prepares all financial, accounting and management reports as deemed necessary for the administration of the professional practice and administration of the firm. Ensures that the firm’s accounting function receives all information necessary for preparation of the firm’s tax returns and other governmental reports.

Budget: Develops budget for revenue, capital and operating expenditures, personnel, productivity and cash flow. Generates budgets for income, general operating expenses and capital expenditures to be submitted to the Managing Partner.  Reports budgetary deviations during the course of the year to the Managing Partner.

Profitability Analysis: Prepares regular and timely reports of firm profitability, including analysis by individual, practice area and client, and any other analysis as deemed necessary by the firm. Reviews, summarizes, and makes specific and general recommendations to relevant committees.

Liaison with Accountants, Banks, and Government: Serves as the liaison with the firm’s accountants and bankers, makes timely and appropriate filings with government reporting agencies.

Special Projects: Prepares and analyzes special reports as requested by the Managing Partner and committee chairs.

Office Space: Has final authority regarding space assignments of administrative personnel where assignments do not impinge upon the space occupied by lawyers. Maintains and manages the housekeeping space and the physical facilities of the firm. Ensures compliance with OSHA and other governmental laws and regulations. Makes recommendations on long-term use of space and relocation, and may work with consultants in planning space requirements.

Bachelors in accounting or related field. CPA preferred.
5+ years with similar experience


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